What is the best-selling electric car in Spain in 2022?

Best-selling electric cars in Spain in 2022 At FutureDrive we are convinced that the electric car is and will be one of the key solutions to reduce pollution in cities, and we want to bring it closer to everyone so that they know the advantages and comforts of electric cars compared to conventional cars.

It is increasingly urgent to reduce not only CO2 levels , but also other gases that are even more harmful to health that combustion cars emit. Fortunately, the electric car market has been growing strongly for some time now, and at the same time an extensive network of chargers is rapidly being deployed throughout the national territory.

Tesla's leadership remains uncontested today, as its electric cars are the ones that offer the best features and the most advanced technology. As their prices are still not within everyone's reach, the giants of the automobile industry have gotten their act together in the wake of Tesla, and have entered the electric race with alternatives that are increasingly serious and more competitive in prices , especially in the more 'earthly' market segments.

Best-selling Electric Cars in Spain (1st Semester 2022)
#IT IS #US Brand and model Base price
1 two Tesla Model 3 €51,911
two 6 Kia e Niro €39,900
3 twenty-one Citroën ë-C4 €34,630
4 3 fiat 500e €26,423
5 eleven hyundai ioniq 5 €36,760
6 fifteen Kia EV6 €46,500
7 9 Hyundai Kona E €25,440
8 13 Mini Cooper SE €36,900
9 1 Tesla Model Y €66,970 €49,990
10 18 peugeot e-2008 €35,220

As we see in this Top 10 list of electric vehicle registrations for the first half of the year in Spain, Tesla heads the list with its Model 3 sports sedan (Do you think like us that it is the best electric car on the market ?). The Tesla Model Y SUV is in 9th position on this Top Sales list.

It should be noted that the Tesla Model Y , which was sold only with 2 motors and 4WD, is now also manufactured with one motor, so its base price has dropped to €49,990! Now it will enter Plan MOVES . With all this, it is easy to foresee an imminent rise in positions and that it will even become the best-selling electric car in Spain , as it already is in Europe.

What is your favorite electric car? At the moment we have the Tesla Model 3 , Model Y , Model X and Model S available for rent in Madrid , Barcelona and Valencia (soon also in Bilbao ! :) Do you think we should have any of the other models in the ranking in your city?

What is the best selling electric car?

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