How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

It is becoming more and more common to see electric vehicles on our roads. The expansion of the network of chargers makes it much easier to get around with an electric car. In addition, the cost of charging an electric vehicle is on average 3 times cheaper than gasoline, so traveling with an electric car represents great savings if we have to travel long distances. We also reduce the CO2 and toxic gases that we generate, and that are highly harmful to health.

But how much does it cost to charge an electric car? There are different types of chargers with different prices, depending on the location, charging speed, etc.: Their rates are highly variable: from free to the most expensive ones that reach €0.75/Kw.

For example, if we take the Tesla SuperCharger fast chargers as a reference, these have a cost in Spain today that is around €0.42/Kw. And for example, as the battery of a Tesla Model 3 Long Range is 82Kw, the cost of a full charge in a SuperCharger will be about €34, and we will obtain 550Km of autonomy.

Charging the car at home is still much cheaper than in the Tesla SuperCharger. With a night rate, the cost is approximately €0.15/Kw, so charging the entire battery of a Model 3 Long Range has a theoretical cost of €12.3. Bearing in mind that there is an energy loss of around 10% when charging, the final price would be around €13.5 for a full battery charge, for the same 550 km of autonomy.

There are many free chargers , such as the Tesla Destination Charger that we can find in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, parking lots, etc. These chargers are exclusive for customers who go with a Tesla and are semi-fast charging. Besides, there are also some free public chargers.

If we were to make the comparison between a gasoline car and an electric car , the electric ones would have an equivalent consumption of less than 2 litres/100Km : Clearly, electric mobility means savings in fuel costs and the pollution that we leave behind. Renting an electric vehicle instead of renting a gasoline car saves up to 30% on the rental cost.

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Ruben Lopez
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