How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

Electric vehicles and especially Teslas are perfect for travelling, as they are a delight to drive, they are very comfortable and the cost of charging electricity is much cheaper than filling the tank of a combustion car: The price you pay to charge a Tesla is about 3 times less than the equivalent in gasoline. When we leave the route, it is convenient to take into account the approximate charging times since this way we can better plan it and make the recharging stops fit in with our trip.

There are different types of chargers and their main difference is the charging speed, we have slow, semi-fast, fast and super-fast chargers. If we know the approximate time we should stop at each of them to fully charge the battery, our trip will be much more comfortable and we will avoid surprises.

trickle chargers

The slowest of all is the domestic plug or also called schuko, the main advantage of this type of charging is that it will be very easy for us to find one of them since in most garages, houses or car parks we can find a domestic plug. These chargers charge at 3.5kwh, which means that a Tesla Model 3 will charge at a speed of about 18km/h , this charging speed is very useful when we charge the Tesla at night, since for example in 10 hours we will have about 180km more autonomy to travel the next day.

Semi-fast chargers

The next group of chargers are semi-fast chargers. These chargers have a power of between 7.5 and 22kwh. That is the power of the exclusive Destination Chargers for Teslas and that we can normally find in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, parking lots, etc. These charge at a speed of about 80km/h so in just over 4 hours the Tesla will be 100% charged. Using one of these chargers we can visit a city for a morning and have the car charged to continue our journey. They are also usually free, especially if they are shopping centers, if we stay at the Hotel or eat in these places.

fast charging chargers

Fast chargers allow you to charge the Tesla in less than 2 hours, these have a power of about 50kwh and are perfect if we are going to make a stop to eat since in 1 hour we will already have more than half a charged battery. Iberdrola and Endesa are the companies that have installed the most chargers of this type. They are paid, except for public chargers in many municipalities.

Super fast charging chargers

The last group are the super fast charging chargers. The best are the Tesla SuperChargers that reach a power of 250kwh. The superchargers are perfect when we go on the road since they are located in service stations near the main highways to be able to make long trips making stops of 15 to 40 minutes to charge the battery. These chargers charge at more than 1,300km/h, and are especially efficient when the battery is very low, since as the battery is charged, it does not have the capacity to absorb as much power and that super-charging speed is progressively reduced. time the battery reaches 60-80%.

The power and engineering achievement of the SuperCharger is incredible, for example, with 250kwh you can supply energy to a building with 70 houses and the speed with which it charges a Tesla Model 3 is 1200 to 1500km/h.

Summary chargers

Charger Type Battery charging time (80%) Power Loading speed km/h
Slow 19 hours 3.5kwh 18km/h
semi-fast 4 hours 11kwh 80km/h
fast 1 hour 30 minutes 50kwh 250km/h
super fast 30 min. 150kwh 1250km/h

We hope we have solved most of your doubts and so when you rent one of our Teslas from us you will already be an expert in electric cars.

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Eric Casals
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