How does a Tesla car work?

As you will soon discover, driving our Tesla cars is a joy: super comfortable, fun, exciting, silent and ecological :-) However, it is a hi-tech car, so it is advisable to take a look at this quick guide before you start your journey.

Vehicle Access and Basic Operations

To open the car, just by approaching with the key the door handles will come out. After a while it turns to hide: to make them come out again, just touch one of the handles.

To ‘start’ the car, just press the brake (we won't hear any engine noise ;-)

The Tesla is an automatic car, the gear lever is American type: it is located on the right side of the steering wheel. There is no clutch pedal.

It is important to be aware of the battery, and to avoid running out, we must always put our destination in the Tesla's GPS to plan the route: In case of not having enough charge, the car will recommend the stop (s) ( s) what we have to do to recharge the battery.

To start the march we will apply the brake and at the same time we will pull down the entire gear lever, (position D of Drive, drive in English). Reverse gear is engaged by stepping on the brake and pulling up the gear lever (Reverse R position, reverse).

We will not find a handbrake either: once the Tesla is parked, we will press the silver button on the end of the gear lever to put it in P (Parking) mode.

We'll be able to leave now, always making sure to carry the key with us. To close the car you only need to get away from it.

Both low and high beams and wipers are automatic.

Battery Charge

Our Tesla cars have from 350 to 500km of battery range depending on model, and to recharge them we have thousands of recharging points throughout the spanish territory, many of which are activated with the Live card that you will find in the front armrest. The best are the so-called Tesla Superchargers, which due to their very high power are the ones that charge the fastest: In 1h30min approx. We will have our car full again. Also for our Clients the Superchargers are free!

Steps to load the Tesla:

  1. Open the door on the driver's side, behind the car, by holding down the back of our key until it opens (Button 1 in the figure).
  2. We will connect the charging hose that we will find in the charging station. In case it is not a Tesla Supercharger point, use the one you will find on the double bottom of the trunk, connecting it first to the charging station and then to the car.
  3. After a few seconds we will see on the screen that the car starts charging, and it shows us an estimate of the total charging time (it is not necessary to wait for it to charge to the maximum). Some station may fail, so if the load does not start, we will change the station car and try again.
  4. To leave, we will press the back of the key again until we hear a 'clack' and we can disconnect the hose, close the loading door, and continue our journey.

Video: How to charge into a SuperCharger

The most comfortable thing is to plan the route with the Tesla's GPS, making the charges at rest stops such as meals, or leaving it charging at night if possible.

ATTENTION: Other aspects to consider

Only for Model S: This Tesla is very low so you have to pay special attention not to touch the speed bumps, sidewalk ramps, parking lots, etc. Before making them, we recommend you to raise the car suspension: On the screen, click on the Car icon, ‘Suspension’ option, ‘Very High’ position. Then we can lower it back to ‘Normal’, or if it goes over 80km / h it will automatically lower.

How to close the front trunk: Although the trunk of the Tesla S is very spacious, in case you need more cargo space we can use the front boot. When closing it, it is very important that we do not make force in the central part of it, but on the sides.

Superchargers are a very expensive car park: We can recharge the battery for free without any problem, but once the charge is finished it should be removed, but Tesla will charge it at 1 euro/min.

Limits and Surcharges

Mileage: We want you to enjoy our Tesla cars, so we include in the price 250km per day of rental. The extra kilometers will be charged at 0.30 euro/km.

Battery upon return: We deliver the Tesla with a minimum of 250km of autonomy, and we ask that you return it to us with a minimum of 250km. Each less km will be charged at 1 euro/km.

Arrival time: The arrival time can be modified, letting us know as soon as you see that you will not arrive at the agreed time. If you arrive earlier, nothing will be paid. If you arrive later, it will be charged at 25 euro/h after an hour of grace, for any unforeseen event that may arise.

If any, the mentioned surcharges for mileage, battery when returning it and arrival time, as well as use of Superchargers without recharging, would be deducted from the return of the deposit.

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