Free SuperChargers

Tesla SuperCharging is free for all Model S rented, you could use Tesla SuperCharger network unlimited.

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Huge acceleration

All our Tesla accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in les than 5,6 seconds. Feel the powerful engine in a Tesla with their 300 up to 450hp depending on the model.

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Autopilot included

The Tesla Autopilot combines cameras, sensors and a 360-degree vision sonar that enable autonomous driving.

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Zero CO2 emissions

Help to reduce the pollution of Madrid and Barcelona usign an E.V. like our Tesla.

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Where to pick up your rental Tesla in Barcelona

Barcelona - City Center

c/ Sancho de Avila, 22 Barcelona

Barcelona needs no introduction. Catalonia's vibrant capital, with its long sandy beaches, winding Gothic streets, and bustling Las Ramblas bars and restaurants, has earned a well-deserved stellar reputation.

Whether it's for a romantic getaway, a weekend with friends, or a family vacation, Barcelona truly is a place for everyone.

Nearby SuperChargers

 Barcelona - L'Illa Diagonal Supercharger
4 km
 Sant Cugat Supercharger
15 km
 Caldes de Malavella Supercharger
70 km
 Girona Supercharger
85 km
 Tarragona Supercharger
90 km
 La Seu d'Urgell Supercharger
123 km
 Lleida Supercharger
135 km
 L´Aldea Supercharger
151 km
 Perpignan France
156 km
 Narbonne Supercharger
208 km

Destination chargers

 H10 Marina Barcelona
1 km
 Centro Comercial Glories (PKG-1)
1 km
 Gran Hotel Havana
2 km
 Hotel Arts Barcelona
2 km
 Hotel H10 Cubik
2 km
 Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona GL
2 km
 One Ocean Club
2 km
 Le Meridien Barcelona
2 km
 Hotel Vincci Maritimo
3 km
 Hotel Catalonia Diagonal Centro
3 km

Open it with your phone

So easy and simple you can pick up the car, no paperwork, no waiting. Open it with a simple click on your mobile phone.

You will also receive an operating guide and you will have a 24-hour phone in case you have any questions.


Pay with Bitcoins.

Now you can pay your rent with Bitcoins
la fiesta p.c. s.a.
la fiesta p.c. s.a.
Todo ha ido muy bien. Reserva, entrega y rapidez de respuestas (extendí la reserva). El coche está monitorizado, si te pasas con el acelerador te llama un ordenador para que levantes el pie o te limitan el coche remotamente. Es una medida prudente, el coche acelera muchísimo y es fácil despistarte.
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