Terms and Conditions of our Tesla Rental

Cancellation policy information
Cancellations with more than 30 days in advance of the rental start date will not incur any surcharge.
Cancellations of less than 30 days will cost 20% of the total amount paid. In the event that the cancellation is 7 days after the rental start date, the surcharge will be 50% of the total rental cost. Once the rental period has begun, it will not be possible to cancel this.

Age provisions
The minimum age to rent the vehicle is 25 years and 3 years of driving license (Type B or higher) for vehicles.

Mileage during the rental period
The rent includes 250 km per day rented, in the case of exceeding this mileage a charge of EUR 0.30 per km exceeded will be made.

Full insurance with deposit
The vehicle is delivered with full insurance with a damage allowance of 350 EUR. For this, on the day of delivery of the vehicle, the amount of the deposit of 350 EUR will be charged by credit card, which will be returned within a maximum period of 7 days after the end of the rental, in the event that the vehicle has not suffered any hurt. Not paying the amount of the deposit will cancel the rental.

Additional Driver
An additional driver fee will be billed at an amount of EUR 15 per day, with a maximum of EUR 120.

Battery Charging
The vehicle is delivered with a range of 250 km or more. The return of the vehicle must be carried out with the battery charged at a minimum of 250 km, if the pack 'Return without Charging' has been contracted, it can be returned with a charge of 50km. In the event that the return is made with less autonomy than the agreed one, a surcharge of 1 EUR per km remaining will be charged for the agreed autonomy load up to a maximum of 60 EUR.

Administrative fee for fines management
The standard charge for the management of each fine instructed by the competent authority during the period of The lease of the vehicle will be EUR 39.00 plus the amount of that file.

Penalty for non-return of vehicles on agreed date
If the vehicle is not returned on the date and time indicated in the rental contract, the penalty amounts to EUR 25 per hour of the time exceeded, with a grace period of 1 hour.

Damage to the vehicle
When picking up the vehicle we will ask you to sign a section of the Rental Agreement that will describe the condition of the vehicle at that specific time. In the event that any visible damage or damage is detected in the vehicle, which was not described in the Rental Agreement, you must ensure that such damage is added.

Geographic Limits
The subscribed guarantees take effect on: All countries that make up the Economic Area European. All States adhered to the Multilateral Agreement of Warranty (Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Republic Czech, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Finland, Great Britain and Ireland North, Ireland, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy,Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland,Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland). The coverage extends to the States adhering to the Inter-Bureaux Agreement, for which you must request previously, the International Certificate of Insurance 'Letter Green'. You can do it in any of the offices of the Insurance Entity When issuing the Green Card for third parties countries indicated in the International Certificate of Insurance, the subscribed guarantees automatically adjust your coverage to the limits and conditions established by the Law Compulsory Insurance of each country visited.

All prices mentioned include the general VAT of 21%.