The best places on the Costa Brava in Tesla

The best towns and beaches on the Costa Brava

In this article we list the best towns and beaches on the Costa Brava to visit in one of our Teslas. The Costa Brava is the stretch of Catalan coastline of more than 200 km that begins in the coastal town of Blanes and ends to the north at the border with France . We also include inland towns that are worth visiting, as well as the provincial capital itself: Girona . From Barcelona to the Costa Brava can be reached by car in just 1 hour.

The Costa Brava , in addition to being a great tourist attraction, is also synonymous with culture and history. In fact, the Alt Empordà and Baix Empordà counties take their name from the Greek colony Emporion founded in 650 BC The Costa Brava is also a world reference for gastronomy, for its excellent Mediterranean food restaurants, as well as for the appointment of El Celler de Can Roca as the best restaurant in the world .

Cadaqués, one of the most charming towns on the Costa Brava

Quaint Quiet Restaurants

Cadaqués, one of the best towns on the Costa Brava

Cadaqués is the easternmost town on the Iberian Peninsula, it is located on the Cap de Creus peninsula and surrounded by a beautiful bay. Although it is a tourist town, thanks to the isolation caused by the mountains of Puig de Paní and Bufadors , it is still a remote and little crowded place. All in all, the options to stay in Cadaqués are varied.

One of the biggest attractions of Cadaqués is its coastline and its steep coves facing islets. These landscapes have been responsible for the great artists such as Dalí, Miró or Picasso who have come to live in Cadaqués. In fact, Dalí established his residence in Cala de Portlligat in 1948, where the painter's house-museum is currently located.

You can also visit the Museum of Cadaqués , the Castle of Sant Jaume or the Church of Santa María, one of the oldest buildings in the city built in the 17th century. Surrounding the Playa de Cadaqués you will find various small shops where you can buy a souvenir. Also, between store and store, there are numerous restaurants where you can try seafood dishes and rice dishes, and a little to the northwest there is a popular establishment with signature cuisine: Compartir Restaurant . Although this town is quiet, there are also bars and pubs to enjoy at night.

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L'Escala, an area of beautiful coves and tranquility

Quiet History Beach

L'Escala, one of the quietest towns on the Costa Brava, and with the famous L'Escala anchovy!

To the south of Sant Martí d'Empúries , L'Escala is a tourist town of just over 10,000 inhabitants and with a good hotel offer, especially dense in its downtown area. The place that you cannot miss, in the direction of Sant Martí d'Empúries , are the ruins of the Greek city Emporion founded in 650 BC

You can also visit the Parish Church of San Pedro and a museum to learn about L'Escala 's seafaring tradition: the Anchovy and Salt Museum . Other attractions in L'Escala are its El Rec del Molí and L'Escala beaches, and also Cala Montgó .

You can also do some shopping in the shops of the old town and try the local seafood and fish in several Mediterranean restaurants with magnificent views of the sea, and in La Llar dels Pescadors in the port. Remember! L'Escala anchovies are among the best in Spain and the most prestigious in Catalonia, don't stay without trying them.

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Girona, a city with a great historical heritage

History Culture Restaurants Picturesque

Girona, one of the best places to visit on the Costa Brava

With Girona Airport a few kilometers away, the A2 motorway that crosses it, and the AVE-TGV train station nearby, getting to Girona is quick and easy. It is a city with a great medieval heritage and at the same time adapted to the times. Barcelona is just over an hour from Girona with the Tesla.

Your first visit may be to the Girona Cathedral , to the north of the Barri Vell or old town. A little north you can also go to the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligans and further south to the Jewish quarter, with a historical museum included. There are also some Arab baths, you can walk along the Rambla de la Llibertat or see the Onyar river run over various bridges such as the Puente de Piedra .

Other places of interest are the Old Hospital of Santa Caterina or the different locations where scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed. You have to know that there are organized routes that run through all these points. As for shops, the busiest streets are those between the historic center and the Eixample district, from the most avant-garde to small craft shops. And a municipal market could not be missing either, which is in Plaza Calvet i Rubalcaba.

In Girona you will find all kinds of restaurants and prices, but we must highlight El Celler de Can Roca , awarded several times as the best restaurant in the world , and where you have to book many months in advance. Girona also offers great nightlife with all kinds of establishments, such as Irish pubs and discos, all of them in the old town.

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Figueres and Salvador Dali


Figueres, the town on the Costa Brava where the Dalí Museum is located

Right on the E-15/AP-7 (main motorway leading to France ), with the AVE-TGV station, and several motorways, Figueres is one of the best-connected towns in Girona . It mixes the tourist and cosmopolitan atmosphere with the residential one, and has a good hotel offer.

Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres and that is why you will find dedicated buildings designed by the artist himself. One of them is the Dalí Theatre-Museum , where the brilliant painter housed a large part of his work and can still be seen today. Other places of interest are the Parish Church of San Pedro and the Castillo de San Fernando, just outside.

Within what is considered the old town, to the east of the Dalí Museum-Theater, you will find pedestrian streets lined with shops. This area, the most touristic, also offers you very good gastronomy, with DO Empordà wines and other local products.

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L'Estartit, hiking, diving and more

Activities Nature Beach

L'Estartit, the area with more nature and excursions on the Costa Brava

It is part of the municipality of Torroella de Montgrí and, although historically it was a fishing village, today its main economic activity is tourism. It has good road communications to connect with the C-31.

The marine natural park between L'Estartit and the Medes Islands is one of the great tourist attractions and where you can go scuba diving . L'Estartit also has routes for hiking. From the town itself to the Montgrí massif there are 8 km that can be traveled on different paths. This mountainous area separates the Upper and Lower Empordà and there are places of interest such as the Castle of Montgrí . Continuing with the natural attractions, to the south of L'Estartit is the Aiguamolls del Baix Empordà nature reserve, which reaches the mouth of the River Ter and where you will find an interesting variety of birds.

Once in the town, the Plaza de la Iglesia, its marina and, of course, L'Estartit beach , one of the most famous beaches on the Costa Brava , stand out from its heritage. In general, the whole town has shops, but it is the seaport and Carrer Santa Anna where you will find the most. Also in this area are the best restaurants and seafood restaurants.

Empuriabrava, navigable canals and beach

Beach Activities

Empuriabrava, one of the towns with the most activities on the Costa Brava

In the Gulf of Roses and north of Sant Martí d'Empúries , a large part of Empuriabrava is occupied by navigable canals, with houses and villas on the sides. Empuriabrava also has a beautiful beach separated by a small marina that gives access to the Marina.

The town also has the Skydive Empuriabrava aerodrome and the Butterfly Park avian park. The shopping area is at the end of the canals, on Calle Aeroclub. For restaurants, we recommend you go to Plaza Eivissa.

Pals, a gothic historic center near the beach


Pals, the town on the Costa Brava, a Gothic historic center Pals is made up of three areas: the town, Els Masos de Pals and Playa de Pals (the most touristic area). Thanks to the C-31, which passes through the municipality, communications are good. Pals is one of the towns of great architectural interest in the with buildings from the Middle Ages that have survived the passing of the centuries. Stone streets and houses, semicircular arches here and there, Gothic churches, walls... The Torre de les Hores (master tower of the old castle) is particularly emblematic of Pals, and reaching the highest part of the town means find a fantastic viewpoint over the Empordà, Montgrí and Illes Medes fields.

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Begur, one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa Brava

Scenic Beach Activities

Begur, one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches on the Costa Brava

To the north of Aiguablava , Begur is well connected by road. With just over 4,000 inhabitants, in summer the population multiplies by 10. That is why Begur has one of the highest density of accommodation on the Costa Brava.

Begur is divided into the old town and the coastal area. The first, with the famous Begur Castle as its main symbol, is highly visited for its historical heritage. We recommend you to visit the old town above all, at the foot of the castle, where some watchtowers that were built to watch out for pirate incursions are still standing. At night, the castle and the old town are completely illuminated to enjoy walks through the center.

It is also interesting to visit some Indian houses built by emigrants from the city who made their fortune in America and, when they returned, built their houses in colonial style . You will also like the Gothic-style Church of San Pedro, as well as other buildings such as the Cultural Casino. If you are more into enjoying nature, around Begur there are several hiking trails and you can always visit the coast and enjoy coves such as Aiguafreda , in the Sa Tuna area.

The old town is also ideal for doing some shopping in its small shops, especially on streets such as Bonaventura Carreras. The gastronomic offer is also very good in this area. Although the variety of dishes is great, there is one basic ingredient: Rock Fish.

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Llafranc, a small coastal town and its Sant Sebastià lighthouse

beach restaurants

Llafranc, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava

It belongs to the municipality of Palafrugell and is located in front of a small bay. Although Llafranc is a tourist area, it still retains the atmosphere of the small fishing village that it once was. The bay itself and its promenade are the most attractive places in Llafranc . You can also enjoy a small but very well-kept beach. The town also has a yacht club in the harbor where boats can be hired .

Also, if you leave the town heading east, you will come across the Sant Sebastià Lighthouse , a watchtower, a hermitage and the remains of an Iberian settlement. From this area you will get the best views of Llafranc . In those views you will recognize the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima, right in the center.

To enjoy the night, on the road that takes you to Palafrugell there is the well-known open-air nightclub: Costa Este .

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Tossa, one of the most charming towns on the Costa Brava

Quaint Beach History

Tossa de Mar, one of the most beautiful and emblematic beaches of the Costa Brava

La Selva is the southernmost region of the Costa Brava and Tossa de Mar is located there. Despite being surrounded by mountains, it has good road connections and is one of the best places to stay on the Costa Brava .

Tossa del Mar already existed in times of Roman rule and was called Turissa, whose remains are on Avenida del Pelegrí . There are also Paleolithic sites and you can find out more about all of this at the Tossa Museum . An emblematic place is Vila Vella , a castle and its wall with several battlements from the 12th century, located on the south side of Tossa beach .

You will also like the Iglesia Parroquial de San Vicente, from the 18th century, or the white Casa Sans from the 19th century. Beyond the castle is also the Tossa Lighthouse , with a small museum. In the downtown area you can do some shopping and enjoy one of its restaurants, such as Castell Vell, a place inside the walls, very well decorated and which also organizes guided tours of the castle.

Lloret, your favorite town in Costa Brava if you are looking for nightlife

Activities Restaurants

Lloret de Mar, the town with the most life and fun on the Costa Brava

Lloret de Mar is a major tourist destination. Its range of accommodation and entertainment makes it one of the best places to stay on the Costa Brava , and road communications are very good.

Lloret is famous for its extensive beaches of fine golden sand . Its coastline is flanked by two monuments: La Dona Marinera , a monument in honor of the women who waited for their husbands to return from the sea, and the Castillo d'en Plaja , in Sa Caleta . This castle is well preserved, but it is private. In front of the beach, for those interested in learning about Lloret's seafaring history, is the Museo del Mar. Not far away is the Church of San Román and further east the Castle of San Juan , from the 11th century and which still has a keep.

For family visits, don't miss the Water World water park, the Gnomo Park and the Santa Clotilde Botanical Garden, just outside. In the downtown area there is also a playground: Sould Park . From the seafront to the northern outskirts, there are many shops and restaurants, such as Can Bolet , which grows its own food and even has a nursery.

As for pubs and nightclubs, in the restaurant area you will find the interesting Maui Bar , further south (at the foot of the mountain where La Dona Marinera is) is the Blue Bar , and at the end of Fenals Beach there is the Punta Garbi , a Chill Out in front of the beach. And if you want to try your luck, you have the Gran Casino Costa Brava .

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Blanes, beach tourist area where nothing is missing

beach nature

Blanes, the town with the best restaurants on the Costa Brava

It has a population of about 40,000 inhabitants and is well connected by road with the rest of the Costa Brava and the province of Girona . It has several hotels where you can stay, especially around the Plaza Mare de Déu del Vilar. Blanes has 2 beaches separated by Cape Sa Palomera , where there is an arch that symbolically begins the Costa Brava.

To the north of Sa Palomera is the old town where the Church of Santa María and the marina stand out. On the outskirts we also recommend you to visit the Castle of San Juan , from where you have a magnificent panoramic view , the Hermitage of Santa Bárbara, and the Marimurtra Botanical Garden .

On the Paseo Marítimo you will find shops and also restaurants. Around the port you can try fresh fish and seafood, and in Sa Lola the best tapas in the area. Further south, in front of Sa Palomera , there is the famous Club Es Blanc .

Roses, long beaches and tourist attractions

beach restaurants

Roses, long beaches and good restaurants

With numerous hotels and other accommodation Roses is a good place to stay on the Costa Brava (and also has several hotels with a Tesla Destination Charger!). Roses guarantees you to enjoy a good sun and beach vacation, in addition to other attractions. One of them is the Citadel of Roses , built in the 17th century on medieval, Roman and Greek remains. Also visit the Santa María Church , from the 18th century, the Trinidad and Bufalaranya castles , or the Visigothic Citadel.

Just 7 kilometers from the city, Cala Montjoi is home to what used to be the best restaurant in the world: El Bulli by Ferran Adrià (today a foundation dedicated to research into creation and innovation in gastronomic science).

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Besalú, one of the medieval treasures of Catalonia

history culture

Besalú, the town with the most history and medieval architecture on the Costa Brava

The last town that we recommend is one of the medieval treasures of Catalonia. At the foot of the Fluvià river , to the north is the A-26 to visit the rest of Girona . It is not a town with much accommodation, but there are some hotels and hostels in its old town.

The jewel of Besalú is its medieval bridge . Although it has been restored, it already existed in the 10th century along with other places such as the synagogue and the Jewish baths, the pilgrims' hospital or the Monastery of San Pedro . Precisely these buildings constitute the Medieval Architectural Complex of Besalú . Right in front of the bridge you can try the local cuisine at the Pont Vell Restaurant or try the volcanic cuisine at the Curia Real .

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