Tips for traveling by electric car in Spain

Tips for traveling by electric car in Spain

Our tips for traveling by electric car can be summarized in these 2:

  1. Plan charges at stops for lunch or overnight.
  2. Use the available apps (or the Tesla navigator) to plan routes .

To travel by electric car you have to plan more than with gasoline, so it is convenient to know the different networks of existing chargers . In Spain there are almost 15,000 electric car charging points , the main charger networks are Iberdrola with more than 10,000 chargers and Endesa with more than 2,000 chargers. Tesla has its own charging network, with 462 chargers. And finally there is the European network of Ionity chargers, although it only has 23 in all of Spain, they are ultra-fast chargers.

Iberdrola Chargers App - Tips for traveling by electric car in Spain

We recommend downloading both the Iberdrola ( iOS - Android ) and Endesa ( iOS - Android ) applications. In these applications we will be able to search for the chargers that we have nearby and if we are planning a trip it will be useful to know which chargers we will have along the way and which chargers will be at our destination . You also have the Ionity app ( iOS - Android ).

These apps allow us to see the location and availability of the chargers , and for example those that are busy will appear in blue and those available in green. In some cases we can reserve it through the app for a while to be able to get to it and make sure it will be available when we arrive. We can also check your freight prices , as well as plan routes . With the Iberdrola app we can charge at the Ionity chargers , but it will be cheaper if we use the Ionity app itself .

If we are lucky enough to be traveling with a Tesla car, in addition to the Iberdrola, Endesa and Ionity chargers, we will also have Tesla's own charging network , the so-called Tesla SuperChargers . These ultra-fast chargers are found on the main roads and allow us to make long trips without worrying about the battery, since the same Tesla navigator will plan the recommended charging stops to reach our destination. Tesla also has a network of Destination Chargers , which are found in hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls , and are usually free and exclusive to customers .

In big cities like Madrid or Barcelona , we will find public chargers of all kinds, but each city uses its own app or system. For example, in Barcelona there is the Smou app ( iOS - Android ), which will also be useful for public chargers in many municipalities in Catalonia.

Electromaps - Tips for traveling by electric car in Spain

Finally, another recommended app is Electromaps ( iOS - Android ). With it we will have a general and unified view of all the chargers in Spain , we will be able to filter them by type and charging power, and in many cases know if the charger is operational or out of service . This information is given by the user community itself, so it may not be up to date , especially in the most remote chargers or those with less use. This app (as well as its RFiD keyring ) will help us to activate many of the chargers in Spain .

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Tips for traveling by electric car in Spain

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