Casa Rural Rustic Vilella

Visit Rustic Vilella to enjoy nature in Berguedà in a house with all the comforts and taste the traditional dishes of the region.

When making a reservation of 2 nights you will receive a discount of10 % in the Hotel reservation and you will also receive a 10 % in the Tesla reserve, so you can visit one of our partner hotels in a more economical, ecological and sustainable way.

During your stay you will have a free parking space for the Tesla with charger.

A10 % discount with your reservation both at the Hotel and with the Tesla.

Casa Rural Rustic Vilella
Vilella, Cal Pere
08695 Gisclareny

How the reservation works

Make the reservation of the Tesla

Make the reservation of the Tesla with the10 % discount already applied

Contact the Hotel

Contact the Hotel to make the reservation and they will apply the discount to your stay

Enjoy your ECO trip

Enjoy your trip, with the Tesla moving in a sustainable, ecological way and without worrying about charging the car.